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Good Samaritan rescues car crash victim before car catches fire

Car accidents are a common sight on the roads. Usually, they are fairly minor fender-benders, and by the time we pass them by the police have arrived. Other times, an ambulance is at the scene and EMTs are providing medical assistance.

In other words, emergency services have arrived and there is no need for us to stop and help. But if a car accident happens late at night, or on a rural road, and nobody else is around, a passerby has a decision to make: should they try to be a Good Samaritan?

In many cases, if you are not a trained first responder, trying to rescue crash victims can be risky, especially on a busy highway. But if you are ever badly injured in an accident, a Good Samaritan might save your life.

Recently, a member of the Air Force who is stationed in Pittsburgh did just that. A man who was trapped in his car might have died in a fire if the Airman had not helped pull him free.

The Airman was driving on Interstate 79 when he saw a tractor-trailer crash into a car on a snowy morning. As he drove by, he saw that the car was trapped underneath the semi truck’s rear wheels.

He decided to pull over to help. After getting out of his vehicle, he saw the truck driver standing near the car and talking to the man inside, who was conscious but trapped. His legs were caught under his steering wheel.

Acting quickly, the Airman and the truck driver pulled debris off the car and dragged the third man out of the car. Less than two minutes later, the car was on fire. The man had a leg wound, which the Air Force member kept pressure on until emergency services was able to arrive.

Even when a Good Samaritan or EMT arrives immediately after a car accident, someone inside could be left with serious disabilities. Negligent drivers are a serious problem, both in Pittsburgh and around the U.S.

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