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How do defective product victims get justice?

The legal system in Pennsylvania gives injured people the right to seek compensation from the party or parties that caused their injury, or somehow allowed it to happen. Usually, a case of an individual negligently harming another individual, such as in a car accident, is potentially a personal injury law matter.

But when someone gets hurt by a defective product, it can be very difficult to determine how the manufacturer mishandled that product to make it unreasonably dangerous to use for its intended purpose. For this reason, product liability law is different than other forms of personal injury litigation.

This field of law is often complex, but the standard of proof is typically strict liability. This means that the plaintiff must prove that they were injured by a product, and that the product was defective. The manufacturer’s intent generally is not an issue.

Nearly any product on the market can injure consumers, but some products are more commonly the subject of litigation than others. Common defective items include:

  • Seat belt systems
  • Auto brakes
  • Mislabeled chemicals
  • Agricultural equipment and power tools
  • Child safety seats
  • Toys and playground equipment
  • Medical devices
  • Medications

Injuries from defective products range from temporary harm to permanent disabilities and even death. Victims and their families do not need to sustain the financial burden of their injuries, while the manufacturer gets off scot-free.

As we said above, products liability law can be complex, with many people suffering similar injuries because a manufacturer designed a product poorly or put it together haphazardly. A consultation with a personal injury attorney can help clear up your legal options.

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