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Pennsylvania AG hurt after driver gets distracted by iPad

Pittsburgh motorists often justify distracted driving by telling themselves that they are taking their focus off the road for “just a second.” Sometimes, a second of distraction is all it takes for the driver to get into a car accident.

In a local example, Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane suffered a concussion in a car crash recently. She was being driven by a state employee when the accident happened.

A police report later announced that distracted driving caused the crash, which took place on a city street. The driver had an iPad on the seat next to him and it fell to the floor. While still attempting to drive, the driver bent over to pick up the tablet and “took his eyes off the road for a second,” the report reads.

The car crashed into a parked car. It is not certain how fast it was going, but the posted speed limit on that street is 15 mph, and police do not believe the driver was speeding.

Kane was sitting in the back seat, and the impact caused her to fall forward and hit her head on the seat in front of her. The blow gave her a concussion, from which she was still recuperating as of Oct. 31.

Besides the fact that a “second” of distracted driving triggered this car crash, the lesson from this incident is that a traffic collision need not take place at highway speeds to cause serious injury. The car in this crash was apparently going no faster than 15 mph, hit a stationary vehicle and still led to a head injury.

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, “Attorney General Kane injured in auto accident,” Brad Bumsted, Oct. 31, 2014

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