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Does obesity play a role in car accident fatalities?

With a quick search of the Internet, it is easy to find thousands of articles on car accident statistics. The statistics discuss everything from specific regions, such as Pittsburgh, to the types of injuries that are most likely to occur. In a way, having all of this information is a blessing because it allows agencies to understand why car accidents happen and gives them the opportunity to make improvements.

Recently, the CEO of a company that makes crash test dummies announced that they are working on creating an obese dummy. With the increase of overweight drivers in our country, this innovation seems to make sense, especially if you consider that obese individuals are 78 percent more likely to lose their life in a car accident. Some might think the opposite, but the CEO explains that the way the fat is distributed puts drivers out of position in a normal car seat. There is hope that these new dummies may provide analytics that could make vehicles safer in the future. 

Unfortunately, no amount of statistics can bring solace to someone who has to spend months in the hospital recovering from injuries after a car accident. While it may be true that different types of people – whether obese or elderly – are more prone to being seriously injured in a crash, if a negligent driver caused those injuries, the injured party may have the ability to collect compensation. Regardless of whether a person is obese, young or elderly, everyone who gets on the road deserves the same level of consideration for their safety.

Source: CNN, “Are obese crash test dummies the key to preventing road deaths?” Kieron Monks and Nick Glass, Oct. 30, 2014

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