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Despite stereotypes, many motorcycle crashes are driver's fault

When the general public hears about a deadly motorcycle accident, it may be tempted to blame the crash on the rider before learning all the facts. Pittsburgh riders know the truth: much of the time, careless four-wheeled motorists are responsible for the wreckage and, more importantly, the injuries the rider sustained.

Because motorcycles have few of the safety features found in cars and trucks, like seat belts and airbags, a collision often means severe physical trauma for riders. In fact, about 80 percent of motorcycle accidents cause a death. To compare, only about 20 percent of crashes involving cars and trucks involve fatality.

The severity of injury is so great that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration calls motorcycle accidents a “grave public health concern.” Perhaps the most frustrating part of this issue is that so many motorcycle crashes could have been prevented.

Drivers are supposed to keep an eye out for motorcycles and respect riders’ right to the road. But negligent tactics like failing to yield, not checking blind spots and changing lanes without signaling are all too common.

Still, drivers and their insurance companies usually try to pin the blame for the accident on the motorcycle rider. A personal injury attorney with experience representing injured riders can examine the evidence and help the rider show that the driver caused the crash, and thus must compensate the rider for any lost income, pain and suffering, medical bills and other common losses.

Injuries and deaths from motorcycle accidents have been going up since 1999. We hope that this troubling trend will end soon.

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