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7 worst parts of Pittsburgh for motorcycle crashes

Every long-time motorcycle rider probably has at least one: an intersection or stretch of road where the chances of getting into an accident seems to go way up. In many cases, riders have already experienced a serious crash that was caused by poor road maintenance, excessive traffic or other chronic problems at that particular spot.

Though riders in the Pittsburgh area may each have their own list of trouble spots, earlier this year a law firm released what it says are the seven worst stretches of road in the city for motorcycle safety. The list includes:

  • The corridor connection of Penn Ave., Fifth Ave. and Washington Blvd.
  • Liberty Ave. from 16th to 31st streets
  • East Carson St.
  • Saw Mill run Blvd. between Route 88 and the Liberty Tunnel
  • Ohio River Blvd. (Route 65) between the Mckees Rocks Bridge and Camp Horne Rd.
  • In Gibsonia, Route 910 between Saxonburg Blvd. and Route 8

Everywhere a motorcyclist goes, there is a chance he or she gets into an accident because of a negligent motorist. But there are various reasons why a particular road or intersection is particularly dangerous. The visibility could be poor, and drivers could already not be looking out for motorcycles like they should.

In other cases, an intersection can be notorious for vehicles running red lights. Drivers may think that “no one is coming” because they did look carefully enough for approaching riders.

Whenever a road has less-than-ideal conditions, motorists have a duty to adjust to reasonably reduce the chances of an accident. This is especially important when motorcycles are nearby, because riders are highly vulnerable to serious injury in a crash.

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