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November 2014 Archives

7 worst parts of Pittsburgh for motorcycle crashes

Every long-time motorcycle rider probably has at least one: an intersection or stretch of road where the chances of getting into an accident seems to go way up. In many cases, riders have already experienced a serious crash that was caused by poor road maintenance, excessive traffic or other chronic problems at that particular spot.

Does obesity play a role in car accident fatalities?

With a quick search of the Internet, it is easy to find thousands of articles on car accident statistics. The statistics discuss everything from specific regions, such as Pittsburgh, to the types of injuries that are most likely to occur. In a way, having all of this information is a blessing because it allows agencies to understand why car accidents happen and gives them the opportunity to make improvements.

Despite stereotypes, many motorcycle crashes are driver's fault

When the general public hears about a deadly motorcycle accident, it may be tempted to blame the crash on the rider before learning all the facts. Pittsburgh riders know the truth: much of the time, careless four-wheeled motorists are responsible for the wreckage and, more importantly, the injuries the rider sustained.