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The effects of traumatic brain injury can be devastating

A serious injury to most body parts can be disabling, but it probably won’t change your consciousness the way a brain injury can. Despite being encased in a hard skull, our brains are highly vulnerable to injury in incidents like auto accidents.

Blows to the head that cause permanent or long-term brain damage are called traumatic brain injury, or TBI. Possible effects of TBI include memory loss, reduced mental capacity or motor function, and impaired speech. Sometimes, the damage is so extensive that the patient can no longer breathe on their own. They need a respirator, and possibly assistance with necessary tasks like eating and using the bathroom.

Treatment is available for TBI victims, including trauma care and rehabilitation. Still, the effects can be permanent, even if they fade somewhat over time. The victim may not be able to work, or must take a job at a lower income than they used to earn. Their personal relationships with their spouse and children may be affected. Hobbies and activities the TBI victim used to enjoy may no longer be possible.

People who have never suffered a serious injury like a TBI before may not realize that the world is a dangerous place sometimes. Car accidents or workplace accidents often seem to happen in the blink of an eye. Many of these incidents happen because someone is not doing their task, like driving a car, as carefully as they should be. This is known as negligence, and it is a major element of personal injury law in Pennsylvania.

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