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Motorcycle crash in Pittsburgh costs rider his leg

Car and truck drivers have repeatedly heard the warning to watch out for motorcycles. Nevertheless, too many motorists, including here in Pittsburgh, ignore this important advice and disregard the safety of riders on a regular basis.

In fact, riding motorcycles has become more dangerous in recent years. The number of riders injured or killed in accidents has gone up since 1999. And crashes involving a motorcycle are usually deadly. Some 80 percent of motorcycle crashes involve at least one death.

Even when the rider survives, he or she often is left with catastrophic injuries. As we discussed above, these collisions are frequently due to negligent drivers, as may have been the case in a recent local crash.

A man riding in Pittsburgh’s West End lost his leg after being hit by a Jeep. Officials say that the driver of the SUV was attempting a left turn as the motorcycle approached coming the other way. It appears that the motorist did not yield properly and ran into the bike.

The collision pinned the motorcyclist between the Jeep and a nearby light pole, after throwing him 20 feet. He was seriously injured, and part of his leg was amputated, apparently as a result of the impact. Fortunately, he was in stable condition after being rushed to the hospital, so he may survive.

It was about 8:40 p.m. when the accident occurred, so darkness may have been a factor. But people driving at night have the duty to be extra cautious, such as when looking for oncoming traffic while attempting a left turn.

Source: KDKA-TV, “Motorcyclist’s Leg Partially Amputated In West End Crash,” Oct. 17, 2014

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