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Babies can develop cerebral palsy if the doctor acts negligently

Cerebral palsy is a neurological condition that affects the patient’s ability to move, function and communicate. The condition usually manifests by age 2 to 3. About 10,000 American infants are diagnosed with cerebral palsy each year. Besides the condition itself, it is common for patients to have additional disorders, such as seizure disorder or some form of intellectual disability.

It has several possible causes, including injury during delivery. For example, an infant can be starved of oxygen while the mother is in labor. An observant doctor might catch this before it leads to cerebral palsy, but an inattentive or incompetent doctor might not.

Depending on how severe a child’s particular condition is, he or she will likely need special attention. This often includes frequent medical care, physical therapy, medication and equipment to aid in mobility and to adapt the family home. The symptoms sometimes worsen over time, so the associated costs can go up.

These necessary expenses quickly add up, and may be more than a lot of families can afford.

When a case of cerebral palsy is due to the negligence of a prenatal doctor or one of the medical professionals in the delivery room, that person is the one who should bear the cost of caring for the disabled child.

Medical malpractice cases, including ones involving birth injury, can be complex, with highly specialized knowledge usually in evidence. A family seeking compensation from the doctor who allowed a child to become disabled will need an attorney with experience in birth injury cases.

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